About Us
Color Balloon was the first venture in its kind in the region, though it known as continuation of business group headed by KP Kunahvutty Haji (late) the founder and managing director of Color Balloon Yasir Arafath since decades .We planned before the launching of Color Balloon we didn't found such a showroom in our major cities .Through Color Ballon customers can collect all products(Baby Foods, Toys, Branded Kids Dresses, Baby Accessories,Kids Foot Wear ,Birthday Items, Birhday Gifts,etc.)of their babies. The concept of Color Balloon was unveiled on 11th of July 2009 to become the biggest kids shop in the ‘Malabar region of Kerala’. Since the beginning Color Balloon haunted-up of delivering unique experience of product quality from one end and of hospitality from the other end.

We are glad that we could satisfy vast majority of our valued customer’s expectations during our journey. And we are continuously working hard to improve our service.Color Balloon is the broad platform where plenty of the baby accessories from many world class brands are showcased. Most of our brands were previously unavailable in the local market.

Our purchase wing is in constant research of both national and international markets to provide maximum quality products in a mutually beneficial way. In addition to that admin department restlessly cares to create friendly and friction free atmosphere between sales selection and valued customers.

Color Balloon had a vital role to reconstruct the formula of business policy in the neighborhood and we firmly assure that Color Balloon will remain to improve our sales and relationship quality. Loudly we applaud both of our valued customers and sincere supporters for their kind support during previous years and we kindly expecting further.